Securing and servicing your personal watercraft or small boat just got a little easier.

The RotoMag Swinger, from Boat Lifts Unlimited, allows you to raise your vessel, then, rotate it over the dock or the bulkhead for easy and safe access. The tube in a tube design means that when raised, no portion of the lift remains in the water. Electrolysis is virtually eliminated and no marine growth will occur on the lifting cradle.

The RotoMag Swinger is easily installed on pilings 43" above the deck level or higher. For those shorter pilings that are at least 28" high, we offer any optional Stubby Mount.

Standard features include the 6 foot long runners, two guide posts, 180 degrees of rotation and 9' of cradle travel.

RotoMag Swingers are available with a manual, non freewheeling safety winch or electric winches with ground fault protected drum switch.

A Gem wireless remote control with a range of 100 feet is available as an option on electric models.

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General Specs
Minimum Piling Height - Standard Mount 43"
Minimum Piling Height - Stubby Mount 28"
Minimum Piling Diameter 8"
Maximum Cradle Travel 9'
Power Requirements 110V 15A Min.
Minimum Water Depth 5" under the keel of the boat to be lifted

2800 Dual 2800 Dual 2800 Dual
2800 Dual