The Mini Mag 2800 lb. Boat Lift was designed to be a user friendly solution to the problem of economically storing small boats.

The 2800 attaches to two pilings along your dock or sea wall. Two powerful 3/4 hp winches are utilized to raise and lower your craft leaving an open span between the motors. This low profile, open span design makes this lift very attractive and easy to use.

The Mini Mag 2800’s tracks are secured to pilings with the supplied galvanized mounting hardware. The arms travel through the tracks on polypropylene rollers and are raised and lowered by stainless steel cables.

Carpeted runners support and protect the bottom of your boat. A wireless remote control may be added as an option.

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Mini Mag Specifications:

Capacity 2,800 lbs.
Arm Length 72"
Travel Depth 6' std., 8', 10' opt.
Required Power 110 volt, 20 amp
Piling Spacing 8' - 12' apart
Piling Diameter Two 8"
Piling Height 12" - 18" above the deck
Motors Two 3/4 HP with GFI
2800 Dual 2800 Dual 2800 Dual
2800 Dual 2800 Dual
2800 Dual 2800 Dual